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How Does It Work? searched for certified exterminators in each region who specialize in exterminating each type of pest.

When you fill the form, you receive three quotes from bed bug exterminators in your area.

Since these exterminators know they are competing, they will offer you their best prizes from the start.

After you talk to three different exterminators, you will be able to choose the best option in accordance with your budget and situation.

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Questions About The Service?

Is the service free?

Yes, the service is free. The exterminators are the ones paying for the right to quote.

In getting your solicitations through our service, these exterminators can cut their advertising budget, which allows them to offer you better prices.

Exterminateur souris et rats
professional cleaning service. woman in uniform and gloves does the cleaning in a cottage. treatment, disinfection of the apartment with hot steam from odors and parasites, bed bugs

Will the quotes be the best possible price?

Since the exterminators know they are three to quote, they will not inflate their prizes. Instead, they will make sure you get the best possible price for their service.

Moreover, getting three quotes allows you to compare prices from one service to another.

Why is there a prize gap between the three quotes I got?

The price varies from exterminators to exterminators as there may be differences in service.

For example, some pest control companies will use certain techniques or certain products that others will not use. That is why it is best to speak to several exterminators to understand the difference in treatment.

There may also be differences in the guarantee of treatment. Some companies offer a guarantee on their service, others do not.

What questions should I ask the exterminators before I make my choice?

It is important to question each exterminator before you make your choice. Here are some examples of relevant questions:

– How many treatments (number of times the exterminator will come to your home) do you think you will need to eradicate the vermin?

– Does the price include all treatments? If after the number of treatments offered the problem persists, do I have to pay extra?

– Is your work guaranteed? If so, what does the warranty include, and for how long is it valid?

– Do we have to treat the adjoining housing to the infected housing? If so, how many lodgings will have to be treated in total?

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Get 3 Quotes From Certified Exterminators